Art Work By A First Grader 
When I was a kid (many zillion years ago), I was very fond of writing a journal every day. I wrote anything and everything that I wished to. Rarely there would also be a doodle with the journal entries. I figured early on that what I wrote did not make sense for the school journal and there were no blogs back then. So I would secretly write in my journal, share it with few friends occasionally and that was it. Sometimes I would stand in front of the mirror and read aloud the journal and pretend it was a book reading session (for a book that I had written, of course). In some ways, those old habits have led to my love for writing this blog now. 
Every time now when I meet a child who loves to write, doodle or draw, it is of much interest to me. I see a bit of myself in them. I usually bribe my way to get them to show me their latest “secret” work. And sometimes they would even agree to provide something for the blog. The older ones send a link to Google docs or their own blog (See, I told ya!). The innocence, the rawness, the non-hesitant, no barrier, no boundaries held sort of expression is beautiful in so many ways. Their ideas are unique, opinions are simple and clear and the imagination is limitless. 
When we started this blog, we created  a section “Little People Speak” dedicated to publish the work of these young people. The Real Story Three Little Pigs that we published was a fully illustrated children’s book in its own right. “The Wolf’s Side of The Story” got the most number of adult people reading it with intrigue. Not just fiction, they have written about important things too – water conservation, plastic poison and stopping drug abuse. From pre-school art to self portrait, we saw some art forms too. Earlier this month we published “Pingu” and “Love For Nutella”. If you are curious about our own children, they write, doodle and take pictures for the blog all the time. Our homes are full of scraps of papers with notes in them and gel pens with lost caps.
A Doodle with a note on what love means…
Sometimes what these little minds produce may not seem important or meaningful to many, but it has deep personal meaning for the creator. Creativity demands freedom and does not always yield to something. You do things because you simply love to do them. That is reason enough. 
As we encourage these creative habits early on, they tend to mature and take form eventually. So do not get overwhelmed by the countless artwork, paper scraps, doodles, hand written notes lying around your home.  Take pictures, upload them on the cloud somewhere, stack it up, build scrap books, put them in keep sake boxes and send them to us here. We are always looking forward to them.
A Write-Up as a response to Love Is ..By A Third Grader. 
Their dreams are woven into what they express. There is a pretend world of their own, like in the write-up(above), a young detective is looking for clues. A creative writing class and an art school provides a structure and direction but the best of their work is produced when they sit and doodle in a quiet corner of the house, write their journals behind closed doors, paint a canvas silently in the garage or type away on their computers in the silence of the night. 
We are sure you have one of these kinds at your home too. Nurture and encourage them. Not every artist is Picasso and not every author is Shakespeare, but nevertheless they are an author or an artist in their own right. That is all that really matters.

Signing off this post with a recipe for love exclusively available only on this blog. This one takes creativity up another notch. It was created for Valentine’s day but you could really use this just about everyday.