“Love is an extension of self love”…someone wise had quoted this to me once but the true sense of those words had dawned at me only years later. Although celebrating love needs no special day or even moment (for it is omnipresent and eternal I believe), acknowledging this sense in our lives or rather everyday life seems to be a good tribute.

When I first read the theme for this month, I was amazed, somewhat confused as to how we can portray anything about love without the mention of a person in it; but guess I was wrong for then as I started to pen down my thoughts about the subject, I realized how magnificent the feeling is in itself that it almost has an identity of its own. So I decided to write about my love for LOVE itself (given that there are too many tidbits in my life that I am absolutely in love with).

To me, Love is life; Love is as small as waking up in the morning with a smile to as colossal as finding oneself walking in the seventh heaven of happiness (no matter what the reason is). Love is sharing your favorite chocolate chip muffle with that special someone or walking an extra mile to reach that rustic bookstore (that very few are aware of) round the corner with all its aroma and ambience. 

Love is visiting the forests/mountains/oceans for the infinite time to capture the rarest of the rare in our camera or just for pleasure; Love is finishing up your assignment or putting in an extra hour of work/study to watch the first day first show of your favorite star’s movie; Love is overcoming your own fear to go scuba diving with your friend or children who almost live for it; Love is everything big or small that is beautiful to the eyes and senses. 

Love seems to be reasonless as it knows no leaps and bounds, many a times the only hope to survive when everything else seems bleak. Love is forgiveness and endurance, the willingness to take a chance even in a near lost case. Although sometimes love can end in up heartbreaks and pains (that seem irreparable for the moment), it is love alone that can mend the break for in love we find the strength to trust.   
Love is the biggest and the most significant jigsaw puzzle piece that completes the enigma called life. So let’s fill our lives (and in turn all those lives that we touch every day, we all seem to be connected in some strange way remember?) with so much love that we leave no room for hatred!

Written By : Anindita Sengupta  Picture By : Vipin Kalra