In response to our request for a mushy romantic story, here is a narration by one of our readers. She is keeping it anonymous and we can understand why. 

He sent her flowers that got delivered to her roommate instead. He had not put a name on the card thinking she would understand. The roommate who received the flowers (while being a little surprised), thought it was her’s because she had recently met someone and had taken quite a bit of liking for him. The roommate emailed this “someone” and asked for a dinner date later that night. That date and many other dates later, they decided to get engaged. Make it official. 

Just at the onset of the engagement party, she said to him, “Thank you for sending me flowers on Valentine’s day. If not for that gesture, we would not be here today.” He told her he had not sent her any flowers and they had laughed about it. How wicked! She had accepted someone else’s flower and fallen in love herself. 

Later that night, realization hit ground. Those flowers were never meant for her. It came in for her friend, her roommate. She perhaps knew from where. Though a wild shot, she took a chance. The next day she called the guy that she thought had sent the flowers. Jackpot ! She was right. He was the one who had sent the flowers. Flowers that she had received. Flowers that were not meant for her. Flowers that were sent to her friend, her roommate. 

Months had passed by then. The friend, the designated recipient of the flowers had moved cities. The guy who sent her the flowers had not made another attempt. Too much of a gentleman, he had not felt it right to bother a girl who had not responded in the first attempt. Sigh ! 

That night both former roommates got onto Skype and the flower delivery saga was discussed. 

“You mean, he likes me?” 
“Yes. Of Course. It is written all over him.” 
“He never said a word. Even the night when I was moving, he dropped me at the airport. I was hoping he would say something.” 
“He thought you were not interested. He was being nice.” 
“What do I do now? “ 
“What do you want to do? 

She knew exactly what to do and she did so without any hesitation. She sent him an email with this message. “Hi, You got the right address but the wrong person last time. Here is the right address for the right person. That is, if you still wish to send flowers.” 

He did send her flowers and the rest as they say, “They lived happily ever after!”

Happy Valentines’s Day everyone !