Love is beautiful, love is overrated… But what is love?

We have all fallen prey to love without even knowing what is love. Love is life, love is power, love is obsession, love is desire. There is no life without love, yet we often fail to define the power of love. Sometimes we are obsessed with love and sometimes it is beyond our logical minds to explain the desire for love. But we love to say, “I’m in love”!

Keeping up with its pace and entwined in the labyrinth of life, we seldom ask ourselves, what do we love? We often accept what we are told to love. Love is illusion, love is enlightenment, love is conscience love is enchantment. Sometimes we are in the illusion of being in love and sometimes we feel enlightened after receiving love. Love awakens our conscience and our souls and we feel enchanted by love. But who knows what is love?

Love is inexplicable, love is unreasonable, yet, love is desirable, love is irresistible! 

Written by : Jolly Datta. Jolly Datta, the newest writer on the block is an engineer by profession, a poetess and a die hard romantic at heart and a mother of two beautiful children.