In response to our writing prompt :We had nothing in common and then…  / They had nothing to say to each other and then…. (where we hinted at writing about a friend, a soulmate, a life partner), here is a surprising response from another young author. We were in awe of the loving relationship between the author and his soulmate – Pingu. 

I have a penguin that I got when I was four years old. I’ve had him for six years now. He has been with me in all the states that I’ve lived in: Illinois, Florida, and California. He accompanies me on all my trips, in the country and abroad. His name is Pingu. I named him after the T.V. show that I used to watch, Pingu. We have a special relationship, the two of us. And here are many reasons why.
I help Pingu. I made a house for him. I collect miniature objects for him, such as chairs, tables, sofas, closets, food, toys, and more. But I never sleep with him. He’s so tiny that he always gets lost in the blanket. That’s why I got him a mini wooden bed, a mini pillow, and a mini blanket. I also had my aunt design some bed linen for him. Last Christmas he got a mini dog as a pet. Once, I got my sister to sew a vest for him. Above Pingu’s house is a whole wall about him, covered in pictures of penguins and the story of how he came into my life! When I used to watch the show Pingu, he would watch it with me. He even has a rocking chair. Sometimes I draw him and his antics. But there are also many ways that he helps me.

At six years old, there’s a lot that Pingu can do. He helps me when I have injuries. When I get hurt, he sits next to me, which cheers me up. That’s how much he comforts me. But Pingu also  helps me have fun. I can toss him in the air, kick him like a soccer ball, and do all sorts of stuff like that with him. He doesn’t mind one bit! That just fits in some parts of his daily exercise. In darkness, his mini Christmas tree lights up the room. That’s how he helps me.

Pingu is a six-year old penguin who has lived with me his whole life. We communicate with each other by special telepathic brainwaves. My family hasn’t implanted the messaging chips yet, so they can’t hear him. We have a special relationship that is thicker than blood. Pingu is the best penguin ever!

Story and Pictures by: Shish Kabob – an intrepid adventurer, a cartoonist and an aspiring young author.