In response to out Writing Prompt#6, “Love Is….”. A young author writes “Love is ….The love for Nutella.” Read her narration, see the picture and drool, drool and drool! Or even better, grab a jar of Nutella!

Nutella covered strawberries, dusted with pink sugar. LOVE! 
Have you ever seen those chocolate commercials where someone bites into a piece of chocolate, and it’s all melted, soft and gooey with strings of chocolate dripping into their mouth; it makes you really want to eat that chocolate and enjoy it as much as the person acting and over exaggerating her or his love for it, how happy she or he becomes after one bite of chocolate? 
Now, rewind to the beginning of the advertisement and replace the chocolate with a jar of Nutella, and the actor faking her love for some normal old chocolate with yourself. Open the jar and stick your fingers in. Then slowly put it in your mouth, anticipating the wonderful taste of heaven and rainbows and unicorns. When you eat it, be careful not to bite your fingers off, the phalanges are known to be only as strong as carrots. 
Instead of that actor from the cheesy commercial, you won’t actually be feigning your passion for the wonderful delicacy before you. Your eyes will light up and shine like stars, you won’t be able to process anything that is happening around you, your brain will shut down and go on autopilot; NOTHING can stop you from finishing that jar of Nutella! And nothing will. Not when your idol is standing right there in front of you; it is, and I quote, “everyone’s greatest weakness”. The love for Nutella is so strong, and shared by millions around the world. I was a jar of Nutella for Halloween last year. 
Does that make it easier to understand the scale of love for Nutella? Join the revolution! Eat as much nutella as you can! Whether plain, on bread, cookies, biscottis, even goldfish(I had it once, it was amazing,especially if you like sweet and salty food!), it will always take you to magical, wondrous places you could not have normally reached here on Earth. 

Yesterday, February 5, was world Nutella Day, so spread the message. Stay calm and eat Nutella!

Written By : Srishti H, A Nutella Lover, And An Enthusiast young author. 
Picture By : Vipin Kalra