This is a response to the writing prompt – I knew it was different this time. I knew I was falling in love with … write about falling in love with things that you love to do, a place that you love to visit, a book/ movie or piece of music. You can write about falling in love with anything BUT NOT a person. 

Little things in life. Take the time to smell the roses ! 
Yes, I am in love! I am in love with life and its multicolored dimensions and with everything it has to offer which I never realized in my younger years!

May be I never had the opportunity and maturity to introspect into the details of the various aspects of life; life always came with an agenda and it’s associated challenges. There was always a plan of execution, an aspiration to succeed, ambition to exceed. And now, when I am finally exhausted of this rat race, I sit back and enjoy the simplest things in life which escaped my attention in the past.

Simplicity as it defines itself is the beauty of life. Waiting for the sun to rise and light up my day, to breathe in the fresh scent of the autumn flowers, to watch the sunset across the horizon and stare at the starry skies brings me the utmost joy and makes me realize how lucky I am to feel the kiss of the passing wind wrapping me tightly in its warm embrace and make me feel that I am alive!

And this time I know it’s different, and this time I am falling in love.

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Written by : Jolly Datta. Jolly Datta, the newest writer on the block is an engineer by profession, a poetess and a die hard romantic at heart and a mother of two beautiful children. 

Picture by : Srishta Hazra. A fifth grader, Srishta loves to click pictures in his spare time that is when he is not at school or on the field playing a sport. He has an eye to appreciate and capture the little details in life. How often do we see someone so young stop to take a picture of a blooming rose ?