Love is innocent…
In the month long celebration of LOVE, this is a response to our prompt “Love is” by a 2 year old. The strokes, the colors, the scribbles are all unadulterated. It is drawn without any inhibitions. It tells us to take a moment and smell the roses, love every little detail of life. 

Love in the everyday walk of life. Love is …
  1. A perfectly steeped morning cuppa.(Darjeeling tea or a cup of good old back coffee) 
  2. The real tweets from outside the window in the quietness of the morning. 
  3. The warm pat of sunshine on the back. 
  4. A few smiles and hugs in the course of the day. 
  5. The times when someone asks about YOU before they do about your work.  
  6. The smell of fresh linen. The crispness of the fabric and the neatness of its folds.
  7. The sight of blooming flowers in the garden. 
  8. The aroma of a home cooked meal or favorite baked good in the oven. 
  9. A book that intrigues and transform into a world of solitude. 
  10. Music that makes you want to break into a little dance. 
  11. Love notes – in the lunch kit, on the desk, hidden inside the wallet. 
  12. A priceless artwork that is full of scribbles. 
  13. A text that says “When are you getting back home ?” 
  14. Knowing someone is always watching your back. Even when you thought you were alone. 
  15. A look across a crowded room and finding a familiar smile. 
  16. A sinful dessert at night(NY cheesecake, yum!) or a drink with your friend or someone special. 
  17. Meeting a friend over a cuppa. Add some sugar, a donut would be wonderful. 
  18. A little palm enclosed within your own.
  19. A little walk with the person who taught you how to walk. Reading a book to someone who once introduced the alphabets to you. 
  20. A skip in your step knowing you have been pampered. 

Love is a feeling, knowing all of this is a great blessing in life. Having all of it is not important. Even some of it is enough to be counted as a blessing. 

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