Before I begin, I must mention that today’s post is more about introspection, retrospection and forethought and less of nostalgia…it’s all about the New Year and the year we just left behind!

Adios 2014! A mixed-bag year for me and am sure for most of us as well; so many moments of celebration along with a few glitches here and there (now that it is time to reflect on the year gone by). As for me, 2015, should I say, didn’t kick off in an upbeat note (as few of my loved ones including myself were on the weaker side of the HEALTH continuum) but it did dawn with a lot of hope and promises for a better and brighter tomorrow!

Every year I guess we grow a little older, at times wiser, and definitely richer in terms of our experiences. We learn to accept the inevitable a little better and realize that time would heal the sore no matter how deep, but one thing that makes all the difference, is our own take towards the experiences of life, for that very thing is the deciding factor in making us a stronger or feeble individual at the end of the day. Cut to present, I feel now it is time for us to put the mistakes made in 2014 to good use by learning from each of them and improvising what we learnt to make improvements in our day to day life. I also firmly believe that this year would find us with a new set of mistakes, our idiosyncrasies would surely take its peak at times and there would be moments when we would worry too much about petty imperfections (for me sometimes it’s about the home being too cluttered, Tani,  my three year old daughter, not being able to write the alphabet “B”straight, unfolded laundry etcetera etcetera…). But in all this chaos we must try to remember the basics; to be kind and humble to all, be patient when needed, argue less, forgive more, be positive even in the most trying situations and moreover be cheerful and spread happiness.

Yet again it is that time of the year when our New Year resolutions’ list is ready and fluttering with excitement. Most I believe we can do justice to (though with sincerity and consistency, keep going, a year has 365 days remember?), a few might seem to be a tough call as of today but doable nevertheless and some I know would yet again remain the un-ventured arena. But with the list, at least there is a vision of tomorrow in front of us.

Not to drag much, all I wish for on the onset of 2015 is a bountiful year of good health and happiness, less wars and more peace forums, of love and acceptance and of hope and belief. I hope we make better choices for ourselves and our loved ones, to always have faith in ourselves (for the light comes from within) and to keep our “moral police” alert and judgmental all the time.

I pray for all to have a blessed and fulfilling New Year 2015!

P.S. Remember to write the date correctly, especially on cheques and official documents 😉

Authored By : Anindita Sengupta.