Happy New Year everyone! Hope the first week of the New Year has been good and kind to all of you. We love the quietness in the first week of the year when everyone is just getting up from a slumber, things are slowly moving and happening but still not in the full rigor and the newness of the year is still very raw. The hangover of the year gone by is significantly there and it rightly should. For the year gone by has left us with many memories and it deserves some gratitude. The humps, the bumps, the rough spots, the happy places and the accomplishments, all of it were important. The New Year is only built on hopes and the wisdom granted by the year we bid adieu to. 
A big thing about the New Year’s has always been making New Year resolutions, most of which is usually broken within the year, sometimes even within the first month. Perhaps it is because we spend too much time analyzing what the resolution should be, will it work or will it not work, contemplating, calculating and thus putting ourselves to a task which cannot ever be easily accomplished. Well, that is what you call as the thinking of the adult mind. Kids, we found were much simpler. 
On the first day of the year, we asked a handful of kids around us, if they had any resolutions. Surprisingly, most of them did, regardless of what their comprehension of a resolution might be. They were all spontaneous and presented their very simple  and easy to follow resolutions. Ok, some may not be so easy to follow. Giving up Netflix time is not easy, we totally understand that! But most of the other resolutions are things kids already know and just want to ensure they keep doing it or do more of it in the New Year. Exactly the point!  Set yourself for something you think you can do or you really want to do. Figuring both of this should be fairly simple or so we think. 
Another person whose New Year resolutions is noteworthy is Mark Zuckerberg. It is an annual thing for him to ask for suggestions on his FB page from people about NEW and INTERESTING things to do for the New Year. Of the many suggestions, this year he picked the suggestion to read a book every two weeks. “A Year Of Books” is now a page where you can see what he reads, discuss the book and provide your suggestions for a new book. Why did we like it? Firstly, we are both book lovers and crazy readers. Soumi, when not found with her camera is found with a book. Secondly, this has actually inspired our in-house author, Piya, to read about one new culture every month of this year.  She is going to do so by reading stories and fictions based on that culture / country, something written by people of that land. We will share with you at least one post every month about that and we think it makes for an interesting discussion among our readers. This month it is the “Land of rising sun – Japan”. 
Another new thing we want to do this year is that we will do a long..ish story weekly / fortnightly, a story of words or pictures or both based on / inspired by real life incidents. We want to write and present this as a fiction or with the nuances of a fiction. There is the hidden writer’s instinct in many of us. Not all of us can possibly make it to the publisher, that does not mean we give up on writing. Does it? We will instead use this blog to publish the stories and reach out to as many as we can. Hopefully, this effort will help us reach out to several new writers too. 
We are taking in suggestions for both – different cultures that we can read about and discuss here on the blog.  Also, ideas, narratives or incidents in the form of a short story for our fortnightly publication. 
Are we setting ourselves for difficult resolutions ? Nah ! These are not resolutions. These are things we truly want to do this New Year. We took our inspiration from the kids!