This story is based on a real life experience shared with the chatoveracuppa team. Meera is a fictional name for the character in the story and the real identity of the story teller is being kept anonymous. After all, it is about a Secret Santa. 

It was only the beginning of December, but there was an array of neatly wrapped gifts spread on the bed. They were being put into parcels/boxes to be delivered by mail. Not a single gift amidst that was meant to be gifted in person. Each parcel had the same store bought card in it, in which the note said, “Wishing you all the happiness for the New Year.”  No handwritten text within the card other than that. By late in the afternoon, when it was all packed up in the boxes, a trip was made to the post office to ship them off. Shipping 15-20 boxes took most of the afternoon. 
On the way back home, a smile erupted on Meera’s face and her heart seemed several pounds lighter. She had not felt so good in many months. It had been a particularly tough year for her, at work, with her health and in relationships. She had almost died and then recovered. Friends had turned into foes, people had disappeared from her life, loved ones had departed and her years of work had come to an abrupt end, albeit a misunderstanding. Everything that had left her was still attached by a thin string of memories and emotions. As the year progressed, the hurt became too much to bear. And that is when a few weeks before the holidays, Meera made an unusual decision. 
The decision to send gifts, goodies, greetings and well wishes to everyone that had not wished her well that year. Shower everyone with love. This she figured would give her more happiness than the void and the anger she had been nurturing. This would not mend any of the relationships. That she knew well. But she wanted to do it nevertheless. So she bought Christmas ornaments, photo frames, gingerbread cookies, fruit cakes, mugs for hot chocolates, scarves, and stoles, and many more things, wrapped, packed and shipped them off. All sent anonymously, sent from a distant post office that no one would recognize, sent without a handwritten note or a signature or a return address. 
She had only heard of the Secret Santa before. This year she had become one.

Epilogue: In the New Year’s, Meera accidentally bumped into a friend of hers at a social event. They exchanged awkward glances and said goodbye even before saying Hello. From her corner of the room, Meera saw that her friend wore a pretty turquoise scarf, over her black silk dress. Meera smiled because she knew the scarf well. She had picked it very lovingly knowing well that turquoise was her friend’s favorite color.

Authored By: Piya Mukherjee, based on a narration. Hope this story inspires you to be a secret santa this holiday season, shower love to people selflessly.