A Cup Of Tea / Chai or Cha as it is called in Bengali 
I  take the liberty of posting a series of pictures to do with Chai in it’s true lovable, comforting Indian avatar. These pictures are part of my trip to Calcutta and a few nearby towns. 

The lady brewing that ‘cha’ in a small village shop a few kilometers away from Shantiniketan is my favourite and definitely a moment to remember. This is a shop near a small village and when I am saying a small village in West Bengal(India), it’s actually small. As I was sitting and framing a few pictures, what I heard in the background was magical, something probably nowhere else in the world can you expect. 

It was the rickshawala reciting some serious poetry. The rickshawala who got me all the way from Shantiniketan to this village was sipping his LaalCha (Laal=Red, Cha=Tea) & humming some verses of Rabindranath Tagore’s poems. The amalgamation of The Music, the Santhal Lady, the Landscape & the aroma of freshly Brewed Tea being served in Bhaand (Kulhads – terracotta cups) took me to another era. Was it 1917? Not too sure, but definitely it wasn’t 2009.  

The rest of the pictures are from Seerampur, Calcutta, Shantiniketan, Chandanagar. All of them reflecting the West Bengals’ insuperable love for Cha and that’s what makes it an interesting series for me. ‪#‎chatoveracuppa‬

Pictures and Story By: Sudip Bhattacharya

Sudip is a cha and food lover, traveller, backpacker, storyteller, an avid blogger who tells his story in a few words and many brilliant pictures and a very dear friend. This among many other passions he has.The world through his lenses always appears more insightful and all that he captures actually comes to life.