Many years back, a new team member was assigned to my project team. The first few things I had instantly noticed about him was his constant warm smile, his humility about all things in life and his love for saying the word “awesome”. In the weeks that followed I discovered he was really awesome in not one but many ways. He always had a creative /alternative solution to anything and everything, he was exceptionally modest and down to earth for some one as young as him and that he was extremely determined as a person. He was still new to the job but he had an undeterred spirit of never giving up. He would accompany me to meetings at some of the big studios in Hollywood (where there is no dearth of creative people) and whenever I asked him if he was prepared to present, he would smile and say, “You should stop worrying so much all the time. Chill!”
And just a few minutes later, I would know why. I could sense the room full of people loving their interactions with him. The way he connected with people was truly (in his own words) “awesome”.
On the way back from those meetings is where I was introduced to the real person behind the Business Analyst in my team. That is when he often spoke his heart and things he loved. His family, his mother, his then sweetheart (now gorgeous wife) and his love to be behind the camera. I remember he was always with a camera and took the most candid shots ever. When he took pictures of people, he connected with them, he deciphered their life stories and depicted them in his pictures. And that was what made his pictures so different.
Four years later, we again got working in the same team again. By this time he had decided to take the plunge. It is not everyday that someone leaves behind a plush IT job to pursue a career as a wedding photographer. There was enough at stake but the determination was mind blowing and the love and support from his family even more. The latter was so significant that it deserves a mention. Many people give up on their dreams due to lack of support. Here the family stood by like a rock.
Now an ace wedding photographer, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Phalgun Polepalli, the Creative Head at Cuspconcepts. A story of “following your dreams” that I am glad I have been a witness to, up close and personal. Once a dreamer, always a dreamer. Phalgun always has more dreams. You never know what he is passionately following next. But for now, he has packaged the storyteller in him and his expertise behind the lenses to capture one of the most important day of of people’s lives. A love story spun into a weave of pictures to create a lifetime of memories.
This story encompasses every other thing we have spoken about so far on our “Living Your Dreams” series, there is one additional bit about this story. “Do not change yourself for your dream. Always be the person you are.” Even today, Phalgun is that humble, down to earth, always wearing a smile and frequently saying “awesome” person that I had first met. When I asked his permission to write his story, modest as he is, he said “Who will want to read my story?”
I will leave that for our dear readers to answer.
Authored By : Piya Mukherjee