Vijay Tiwari, a mother, a grandmother, a very positive and loving soul. She is a poetess too. Something she had dreamt of being all her life. Her story is an inspiration to many mothers who give up on their dreams with the increasing responsibilities of life. Hold onto your dreams and give them wings when the time is right. 

I got married when I was 16. I was studying in high school then. Seeing my interest in studies, my education was not interrupted. After my marriage I got my Bachelors and then Masters degree in Arts. I did my post graduate studies in Hindi Literature and Sanskrit. Around that time an interest in Hindi Literature garnered and I started writing poetry in Hindi. My dream was to become a poetess. But with the responsibilities of my growing family, my poetry writing was put on hold. It took a backseat in life. But as soon as the kids got older, I started writing again. Dreams never die. 

Today, my first collections of poetry has been published and the second is ready for publication. Nowadays, I am also writing short inspirational stories which have been published in the local newspapers. A publisher in Delhi has published my poetry in many of their books. I am a member of the literary organization of Agra, ‘Agra Mahanagar Lekhika Samiti’. I also recite my poetry at another very old organization of Agra, ‘Vanita Vikas’. 

Most of my compositions are on mother, female infanticide, old age, mind and soul etc. I get disturbed by seeing and hearing about the incidents happening in today’s society and a reflection of that can be seen in my poetry. 

My dream for the future is to be able to present a big collection of my poetries to the society, bring awareness through them. 

Here is my very favorite composition on female infanticide for the Chatoveracuppa readers.There is an english translation for those that do not read Hindi. 

English Translation – (Not a literal translation)

I am still an unborn, let me be born, let me come in the world and live a little. 
Let me be nurtured, loved and cared for. Let me grow up and do something for the world. 
I will grow up to be a doctor or an engineer or perhaps a soldier. 
I will fight for my country. 
I will be a warrior like the Great Jhansi Ki Rani
And I will go down happily protecting my country. 

A woman always love and cares for her family. 
She is after all the backbone of a family. 
I will be as well. 
If none of these, I aspire to be like Mother Teresa
I shall help the needy and the poor.
And in it I shall find the meaning of life. 

So please do not kill me. The unborn me. I am the creator of the mankind. 
Let me live ! Let me live !