Dr. Amrita Madabushi, PhD. 
Childhood dreams about one’s career are innocent and limitless. We have all wanted to be a variety of things – teacher, firefighter, astronauts, cops, cab drivers, scientists, rockstar or a tennis champ.  Those dreams are influenced by people in and around our lives. Those dreams usually evolve over the time. As adults, we restrict ourselves and our dreams. We condition ourselves to what we think is right for us. Abandon that restriction to find the true calling that is just around the corner feeling neglected. Don’t limit your dreams. 

Dr. Amrita Madabushi, our regular storyteller, shares her story of going from her childhood dream of doing a PhD to finally finding her true calling. 

I lived and grew up in a small university campus. Life there was quite different from the rest of the world. Both my parents had Ph.Ds and so was true for many of their colleagues and friends who were all professors. I must have seen many PhDs by the age 5 or 6, to have the impression that everyone with a career in Science does a PhD. 

Inspired by my parents, and fascinated by the world of science that my parents showed me, love for books, spending time on science experiments, including late nights at a telescope in university, building periscopes, kaleidoscopes, my first dream for my career was to do a PhD in science. I grew up with those little things and the notion of doing PhD,  may be till I entered my high school years and I felt silly on realizing that not everyone does a PhD. 

My dreams may be kept evolving over a period of time, I did PhD and worked in research in basic sciences as a biochemist and cell biologist for a number of years but still felt something missing, as if what next. 

Then one day I had the opportunity to teach an introductory course at a local community college, it was something very simple, I remember spending 10 hrs to prepare for my first class. I went there and by the time I finished my first class I knew this is it. 

This was my true calling, lurking around my childhood dreams. I am glad I listened to it. I have inherited it from my parents or grandfather too, but beginning to teach was like beginning to live a dream. Four years later and full time into teaching now, it still feels the same, like a dream, and I truly hope it feels that way many years from now.