“I am a space designer or a set designer. I am not a fashion designer.” She corrected us when we referred to her as a fashion designer incorrectly. Young, vibrant, humble, very forthcoming, with a pristine clear idea of her dreams, meet Anushree Banerjee. Very rarely have we seen such clarity from this young a person. 

Her story about living your dreams and listening to your heart is important because even today many young people get caught into the parental and societal pressure that exists in India to choose a profession that is traditionally deemed stable and successful. Namely a few – Engineers, Doctors, Business Management Graduates, Software Professionals or a Accounting Executive (Investment Banker preferred). We know many of you will roll your eyes but it still happens. And therefore, Anushree stands out to us for listening to her heart, for seeing a dream and working towards it. We wish this story encourages many like her. 

Her story in her own words. 

I am a Space Designer. A space designer as the name suggest is someone who plans and designs a space. The space could range from a house,a banquet for a wedding, or stage for a rock concert, or even a public space like a bus stop or children’s park.

My interest in this field developed from my love for building things, right from the lego building blocks to computer games to develop a dream house. Yes I did digress like all children and my childhood dream once was to become a businesswoman and create lots of job. 

But once while in school, one of my teachers looked at my art projects and showed keen interest and loads of appreciation. It was rare to get such attention owing to creativity. That inspired me to pursue a career in a creative field, and that was the day I decided to do something different. Doing different from the norm, (read doctor, engineer or a business school graduate) is still not very simple in India. ButI was determined. I learnt about a Bachelors program in Design & Accessory design that one of my school senior was doing and I was fascinated. I pursued Lifestyle Accessory/Product Design course from NIFT, New Delhi a premiere design institute in India. My parents have been very supportive of my decisions in the creative journey so far.  

A Display Of Anushree’s space /set design projects so far. 
Since my graduation, I have designed outdoor furniture for some brands, worked with a Wedding Design company executing few destination weddings in cities like Goa, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Delhi etc. I am now working on some interior design projects in my own city. Being a designer, is very rewarding and fulfilling. To every young person out there I say “Listen to your heart and do what it says.”