Photo credit : Amrita Madabushi
For many of us who have migrated to USA, numerous thoughts and ideas traverse our mind whenever it is time to visit India, once in 2 or 3 or more years: travel, gifts, relatives, packing. And one of the primary ones among them is also, will my kids be able to adjust there, it being so different, so hot (in June-July), crowded and chaotic. At the same time, India is beautiful, exotic, crazy, diverse, traditional and unique. This summer my kids (6 and 10) were able to experience life in India during their stay spread over more than a month in summer.  

One day in the middle of our four weeks stay in Hyderabad, I told them to list the differences between USA and India. In their own words, this is what they listed as the differences. I have to admit here, what surprised me most was not the differences, but the last line which said on  the USA column, “Home is here” and in India Column, “Home is here”. The ending line says it all “Both win”. I was just unnecessarily worrying about how they would adjust. They were just fine, happy, excited, jumping around as they always do and sad when they had to leave India, just like they were sad when they had to leave US. I think they were happy about many things around them, awestruck by some, saddened by others. I saw they laughed more than me and they cried more than me. They enjoyed a lot and may be the next time when I am going I certainly need to remember one less thing to worry about and that is them.

Story Credit: Amrita Madabushi. Or rather Dr. Amrita Madabushi is one of our regular storytellers. She is also a teacher, an assistant professor at Baltimore City Community college