Photo credit: Piya Mukherjee

Sunday was the day of an important festival in India. The traffic in Delhi, which is always busy, had gotten even busier. Travelling to meet someone, I sat through the jam patiently. There was no other way. 

On a toll bridge, I sat in the car watching the passenger in the car ahead of us having an altercation with the person at the toll booth. Inquisitive after a while, I rolled down my window to get slice of the story. The passenger in the car in front had refused to pay the toll and was adamant he was right in doing so as he was a senior government employee.The person operating the toll booth would not budge. There were no special rules for any one, everyone has to pay. 

Must mention the toll fee was INR 25. 

The argument continued for 20-25 mins. By then, a lot of young people had stepped out of the car, all with smartphones in hand. They did not intervene neither did they create a scene. There was no commotion. Each one of them clicked pictures of the car with its passenger and the registration number. They did not stop at that. They were plastering it all over social media. 

Soon the people in the car realized what was going on. They swiftly paid the toll fee and sped away. The traffic cleared. The toll booth operator was clearly the hero of the day. It is not everyday that someone takes a tough stand here. 

While a large part of the country is still caught up in bureacracy, the pseudo status symbols and misuse of power and designation, it is very refreshing and encouraging to see the young generation take a step towards what is right. They are doing so smartly and very socially. 

Story credit: Piya Mukherjee