This is a Public Service Announcement = P.S.A.

Please read.

Hey there, all you California residents! How’s it going? How’s your summer been? I know that mine has been great! But of course, mainly because of one reason. Water and the pool. This summer so far has been BURNING HOT, I don’t even want to try to imagine the weather in August and September. I can barely stand a day without swimming in the pool. As you know, this is our third year in a drought. And this, by far, has been the driest year. The last time it heavily rained was in 2010. We need to learn to conserve water and all our natural resources. We were driving back from the mall yesterday, and as we passed by a whole block of houses, I could see that all their front lawns were covered with grass and a few of them had some trees. The grass was brown and dead and the young trees did not look that good. I do not want to sound rude but I think we need to realize that we are living in CALIFORNIA! Our water comes from a whole other STATE! We basically live in the middle of a desert! I think we should replace the grass in our lawns with desert/California friendly plants like cactus. They are pretty to look at and barely use any water at all. They can survive for years on end. Looking after the environment eventually ends up in looking out for each other and ourselves. And this isn’t only for us in California, but for each and everyone of us all over the world. Please, let everyone know about this issue, and let’s start helping each other, California and the world!

This has been written by a twelve year old who really cares about the environment and all of our futures. Please help her to spread the word!