Photo Credit: Soumi Haldar
Some of us are`already in the last quarter of the summer holidays. Summer for most of us is relaxing, spending hours in the pool, summer camps, travelling, trying new activities and for some, like this 9 year old, getting his first summer job!
I have a summer job at my classmate’s house. They are going to be out of town for a couple of weeks and I am feeding their pets for a week. Every morning I walk to their house, the keys secure in my grasp. I go to the refrigerator and get kale for the “bearded dragon”. In my friend’s room, there is a cage with a purple night light. I see the long sharp nails on the dragon’s claws. I switch on the day lights of the cage and slightly pull the top of the cage so that my hand fits through the opening. I reach inside and drop kale inside the food bowl and also refill the water bowl. Then I close the cage and head over to the kitchen to get food for the cat.
Some days I feed her granules, some days I feed her meat. They both smell horrible 😦 ! I walk out of the back door and find the cat waiting for food. She purrs and follows me as I approach the food bowl. I pour the cat food in the metal bowl. She quickly gobbles it all up. She does some stretches and runs away. I wash my hands and exit through the front door. I lock it, then walk back home. I also get paid big bucks! (Awesome!)