Victoria Memorial (Photo Credit: Sonali Banerji)

Kolkata, the City Of Joy as it is also called, is a beautiful city. Swapna Haldar regales her experience coming back to the city after three decades and how much of it has changed. While adjusting to the city, she witnesses an incident that provides a meaningful insight into the definition of joy / happiness. 
We close this week with this simple story from the City Of Joy, the city of Kolkata. 

Returning to Kolkata, after staying away for 30 years, creates a bit of confusion in life. In our youth, the city was different, people were different, the whole environment was different. It is a mega city now and is extremely crowded and chaotic. We are no longer familiar with it.

One very sultry summer evening, we were out for our usual evening walk. We had some work so were walking on the highway (which is not an offense in this part of the world). In some areas there were no street lights. Heavy, light, all kinds of vehicles were traveling at high speed. A few laborers riding their bicycles were returning home. We saw an electric tram with all the lights blazing and bells clanging coming our way. In that darkness the moving tram was mesmerizing. I was looking at it enthralled. The tram suddenly stopped.

I can read upside down! (Photo Credit : Swapan Haldar)

I could see from the other side of the road the pilot getting down and very carefully inspecting something on the track. One man who was passing by me on his cycle stopped, uttered something under his breath, put his cycle on his shoulder and crossed the road. Since we were new to the area and not accustomed to such happenings, we were very surprised. We could see this man who had just crossed us, poking something with a stick. In the meantime, the signal turned red and the rest of the traffic stopped. Lo and behold! What do we see! A man sleeping on the tram track. This man on the cycle was trying to wake him up from his dream. After sometime the man sat up looking puzzled. 
The tram pilot’s alertness had saved his life. He was unaware of that .

The big question in my mind that day was – who is more happy in life? The man who can have a good sleep on the tram track or those who have a comfortable bed but no sleep?

Can one think of any thing like this happening in any other part of the world.
Incredible India!

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