Going Green ! A simple act that we are all striving to do in our little ways. What going green means to one person we met recently, left us humbled and astounded. 

We were having car issues that morning. Our own way of going green, our electric car, had not charged through the night as much as it was expected to do. We summoned help and a person showed up shortly at our door. As he did his thing to put the car back on charge, he spoke about his own car accident from many years back. He talked about it because by then he had probably noticed the questions on our face. The curiosity about his physical appearance. He must be getting it a lot, all the time. 

So he told us about the accident when another car had hit his and his car had gone up in flames. He was caught inside. A burn victim who fought, who survived, who triumphed and sprang back to life, just like before. Only this time, he decided he would move away from his regular auto parts and car servicing business to servicing green cars. The conventional cars have a tank full of gasoline, a substance that can potentially catch fire and explode. The electric cars, though not 100% safe, are comparatively safer. 

Before this story gets lost in the debate of what is really safe, I must mention I share this story because it is unimaginable for us the pain of a burn victim, the disfigurement, the change in physical appearances, the social acceptance of it all and the long road to recovery and rehabilitation. Finding a meaning in life and finding it while being inspired by your own personal tragedy is immensely commendable. 

It is not everyday that we meet such people with extraordinary stories, courage, spirit and love for life. Every time I look at my green car now, I am always reminded of this inspiring story and going green has a different significance to it all. 

Green inspires. Green motivates. Green represents life. 

Story and Photo Credit : Vipin Kalra