A plunge in the Arabian Sea !

There are people who are adventurous by nature, no matter where they live or what they do for a living. On this blog, we have decided to explore the life and stories of such people. In this quest we are not looking for extraordinary adventures but how a person would seek adventure in the day to day works of life. Swapna Haldar writes today about her husband who is an author, a professor and a mining and geology expert by profession  and also a true adventurer at heart.
Some people are very adventurous in life. My husband is one of them. Where we lived, is an arid region and the advent of rain during the Indian monsoons, in the months of July and August, is celebrated like a festival. Nestled among the hills, this city of lakes is a very  beautiful place. In the rainy season people throng to the lake to measure how much water has accumulated. We were also one of them.

My husband always kept a nylon string with a hook attached to it. Wherever he would find some water, he stopped the car or the bike and threw the string, with some earthworm attached to it, into the  water. Sometimes luck favored and he would catch a few fish but most of the time he did not catch any. It never disheartened him.

There is another interesting aspect about his adventures. Wherever he finds water, whether it is the Atlantic, the Pacific or any other sea or lake, he loves to swim in it. 

One summer, we were spending our holidays at a famous beach city on the Arabian sea. It was a cool pleasant day, naturally we decided to go for a canoe ride in the sea. We  went out in the narrow canoe with the boat man rowing and the father and the daughter sitting in the middle. We were far out in the sea. We could see a few more boats out there. The nice azure blue water was shimmering in the sun.  All of a sudden there was a splashing sound and my daughter’s cry “Papa”! I looked back and saw my husband swimming in the deep blue Arabian sea, fearless. The tourists in the other boats applauded his adventurous spirit and started taking photographs. (Picture shared in today’s post.) 

People like him make life so incredible. 

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