We are half way through summer holidays already. As Nandita Hazra enjoys her summer vacation, she recounts this recipe which ANYONE can easily make at home.

We asked him to do the honors – inaugurate our very new “Bullet” – and I was surprised that he readily agreed. The ingredients he chose were very unique! First he chopped up an overripe mango and put the pieces in the jar of the blender, then went in some pieces of unseeded  lychees, and I’m sure it’s beyond your guessing what he put in next? Orange ice cream soda it was which he poured in and pressed the button. Lo and behold, it was like magic – what we witnessed next was a golden orange yellow smoothie, a color to be seen to believe. Then he poured it out in beautiful painted glasses and very graciously served all of us.
First I took a sip, then another and another, it was so refreshing and tasty. Now the secret – the chef is non other than my grandson, a nine year old, who is always ready with new ideas. So if you need any help when you are trying out this smoothie, do contact him, he will give his advice!