We communicated with Anushree a little after the father’s day week. A vivacious fun loving young lady, a strong and independent woman and a successful fashion designer by profession. She happens to be the daughter of our storytellers Sonali and Tarun Banerji.  People who know Sonali and Tarun personally always compliment them on how well they have raised their kids, a reflection of which we have seen in many of our stories – here. This time around we asked their daughter Anushree what she thinks she has learnt from her parents. Since this was just around the father’s day week, we spoke extensively about her father, our story teller Tarun Banerji

It is always nice to meet eloquent, modest and approachable young people. A simple conversation that displays the thoughtfulness of this young lady. We loved some of the anecdotes she shared.

Chatoveracuppa  : You are doing so well for yourself at this young age. What is the most invaluable lesson in life that you learnt from your Dad ? 

One day I came back home early from my normal play time fuming with anger. My mom and dad were surprised, “Why so early, you had a fight?” dad asked looking at my red face. I told him the whole story about how I had a debate with my friend and she just wouldn’t get my point. At the end I just walked away because she was too dumb to understand my point. My dad said that was where I went wrong – while debating stay cool and never let temper get in the way.  I should never show anger when putting across a point. One gets angry only when his/her logic falls short. Once the anger conquers you, you are bound to lose. He told me a story to prove this point further:

Once there was a debate competition, and the two competitors were welcomed with fresh flower garlands. Little did they know that the garland was to judge them. As the debate started getting more and more heated one of the debaters garland started withering because of the heat generated from his body. And the other one who was calm, his garland remained fresh. Hence, the other one who was calm was declared the winner.
He taught me I could put across my point better without getting angry.  
Chatoveracuppa : Growing up, did you have a lot of fun with your Dad ? 

My dad is a humorous man. I don’t really remember him ever frowning or being sad. All my friends loved to hang out with him. He loves to tell us stories or incidents with the tiniest, funniest, craziest detail. Simple stories from when he went shopping for groceries or what happened at his work. He would narrate the story in his own style cracking us all up. We would watch the funniest and the crappiest movies together. My home has been full of laughter and music and smiles. And whenever life gets serious away from home I always try to remember there is always a scope of comic relief. You just need to be attentive to those funny details. No matter how bad a situation might be, it is up to me in what  frame of mind I should handle it.
Chatoveracuppa : Does your Dad give you any specific advice or has any particular expectations from you ? 

Now this bit about my dad is very confusing. Like all parents, my dad wants me  to succeed and reach my full potential. Whenever he sees me not giving my 100 percent and wasting my time, he tells me, “You don’t want to regret this later” , “You need to work hard to be something”. I see the hopes in his eyes, and I simply adore him like this. But, once I am motivated enough and start working hard, studying all night, he would come and say “Now go to sleep, no need to work so hard”. Or when now I tell him I am working on a Sunday in office, he’d be like “You need to relax also”. 
I guess he gets confused between the little girl he wants to pamper and the successful woman he wants me to be.

Chatoveracuppa : What is that one thing you would want to say more often to your Dad ? 

Every dad is their daughter’s hero. The one person she admires the most. And I am always awestruck of my father- My “Daddy”. And I am proud to be his daughter, and like some people say, be his shadow.