“Father’s” through a mother’s, a wife’s and a woman’s eyes. Nandita Hazra shares today her perspective on how she sees different men play the role of a father and what it really means to them. A mother’s view on fathers. 

This story would have been apt for the Father’s Day week. But it was written on the night of Father’s Day and prompted by an event during that day. Read the story to find more. 

Strict, loving, protective, sometimes forgetful, but most of the time dependable – thats what fathers mean to me. 

When my grandson on a rare occasion is uncontrollable – a “look” from his father does the job, and when his daughter’s arm needed physiotherapy after a healed fracture, when she was a very little girl, it was only he who could do it against all protests from her. And when the children show their prowess at the “spelling bee” and other school programs, he is always there to encourage and enjoy and you can see they are his pride.

Once I woke up in the middle of the night to see my husband busy with a pile of answer papers – what on earth was he doing? My daughter, a professor of chemistry, had to correct and submit them the next day. So there he was, staying up through the night, providing moral support! A father for all seasons.

On Father’s Day I beheld another beautiful sight. We were visiting one of our friends over that weekend. I witnessed that a little toddler was crying away and no one could soothe him. Then suddenly as soon as he saw his father, he was all full of glee and with his too little hands up in the air, his face radiant, he jumped into his father’s arms – a perfect picture of joy and happiness.

Nandita Hazra, the newest of our story tellers, is a master in her art. Her life experiences through several years of parenting and grandparenting, traveling around the globe and meeting a diverse set of people, enables her stories to be always enriching, sometimes nostalgic and never biased.