Bored ! This is what we hear children saying a lot during the summer holidays. We say boredom triggers creativity. In our effort to keep children occupied yet make it all fun for them, we will run a series of posts on activities some kids are doing during the holidays. This is of course outside of a summer camp. These are ideas that can be done at home with little help and structure from the parents.
A book club is a great way of encouraging children to read. Get together a small group of children who love to read and also those who do not love it as much. Pick a book for all of them to read before the book club meet. During the book club meet up, discuss the book with them, ask them to talk about the book (you will hear some very interesting perspectives) and organize a few fun activities related to the theme or subject of the book.
Book club is not something to be done during the summers only. But with no homework and more time available during the holidays, it makes it the perfect time to surround children with interesting reads.
One such book club that I take my children to is for the younger children and run voluntarily by moms. We read and discussed “The Lorax” by Dr.Seuss in our most recent session. We spoke about pollution, recycling, clean air and water. In doing so, we did not forget the moral of the story. Avoid Greed. To our surprise, most children at six years of age could define greed and distinguish between “needs” and “wants”.
Once all the discussions were done, we let the children color the cover page of the book (The Lorax) as if they were the designers. Some very colorful results came out of that.

We followed it with doing some crosswords puzzles, find the words and other fun activities. Sessions are concluded with the assignment of the next book for the next session. We meet once in a week. You can choose a frequency that works for you. All this  was done in about 90 minutes of time, followed by 30 minutes of snack time. I mention this because it is not too much of effort to host and conduct the book club meet. 

Another great idea is to ask children to maintain  a reading log. Each book read gives them a point.  Have a snowball fight during the book club session. Snowballs are just balls made of crumpled paper. Each child gets the same number of snowballs as the number of books read, thus the points on the reading log. The more you read, the more snowballs you get.
Set some rules.  Let them have fun. And make sure they clean up afterwards.
So, a book club is one of our ideas to help encourage young kids to read this summer, keep them away from the television and the iPAD. Help them not feel bored.