This is our 99th story on the blog. Yes, we are just one away from the century. For today’s story we have picked a simple yet most dynamic of relationships to talk about. We often think children do not comprehend the meaning of friendship well. So we asked a twelve year old, what her understanding of friendship is. The story will tell you that like many other things, friendships in childhood is also simple and sans complications. 

The story of my life till now is not very long yet, saying that I am just about to turn 12. It’s not as exciting as I wish it would be, not filled with grand adventures and events. But it has been quite fun and great so far, I find it is worth living. Now, at this moment, I am not exactly sure what I am going to write about. So, I think I will talk about one of the most important things in life, or in my life at least. Friendship! 
Friends are always there for you, whether you need them or not. I have a six year old friend. She is cute and adorable and always very happy. She encourages me to do many things that I haven’t had a chance to do before. We made stepping stones and sat down in the middle of a stream, a thing I had never done before. I love her a lot! 
My brother is probably my closest friend. Although we argue and disagree on many things, we still do a lot of stuff together. We read many of the same books, draw, write, and plan and play pranks! I can always tell him anything, and we will always be friends, no matter what! 
My two closest besties I have know since fourth grade. We read many of the same books and go crazy fangirling over stuff! It’s  really fun with them. I always go to them to talk about awesome stuff that no one else would understand! 
My other two closest friends would be my parents. They are always there for anything and everything and always help me find the right path. I love them! 
I have many many friends, but they are all equal to me in my heart. Even if I had only one friend, I would still be very happy because I had a friend.

*Fangirl – noun
A girl (fanboy = boy) usually between the ages of 11 and 19 who is crazily obsessed with something such as a book or movie or an actor/character etc.