Storytellers coming together over a cuppa had been a thing we wanted to do always. That is exactly what we did this morning. Some of us, the storytellers, got together in a virtual meeting room and had a conversation. A real conversation.  Though just a few of us, it was not bad for the first time.

One thing common to all of us is our passion for story telling. Together we have so far collaborated, told and shared 99 stories. The 100th story had to be about us and that collaboration. Like all other milestones, for the 100th day we celebrated the story tellers.

Today, together we acknowledged that some of us were meant to be writers while some are natural story tellers. We discovered that many stories that we felt were trivial, meant a lot to others. We discussed about how we would work together on the next 100 stories. We realized we had to be less hesitant about sharing the not so happy stories. We agreed we had to reach out to people around us and find new stories.

We are grateful to our readers, to all the people who follow our blog and await for a new story each day. We are thankful to everyone who send us a word of appreciation or few words of constructive criticism. We are even more thankful to folks who graciously share our stories with the world. 

Stories are meant to be shared and not to be confined. Be a part of our story telling journey, share a story. Come chat with us over a cuppa. Like we always say – Stories inspire, stories touch hearts, stories help you retrospect, stories bring back memories and if not anything they most often make you smile.