Summer vacations and grandparents almost sounds synonymous. You are entitled to a different degree of freedom and fun with grandparents because they have the patience to deal with all kinds of mischief’s, pranks and tantrums. In our story today, a young boy writes about the prank that he played on his grandpa. He requests us to publish this anonymous. We will honor the request of this little prankster. 
We are mighty impressed with how well young children express themselves. This post is witty and engaging, short and sweet. Enjoy ! 

Dadu (Grandpa) is sleeping in the middle of the day because he is jet-lagged after his trip to America the previous day. In my mind I think, “What a great time to do a prank!”
I approach the bed with a bag of tattoo pens. My P.I.P. (Partner In Pranks), my sister, walks over with her make-up box. I soon get to work. After a few minutes, I stop to admire my masterpiece. Dadu’s face is full of messages, such as, “Bob was here” or “Bob says Hi”. I also add a weird face with rabbit teeth, a gigantic nose, and a tiny body. I walk away to see what my sister is up to.I was happy to see pink nail polish brushed on his toes. 
When he wakes up he will be shocked to discover that he just had an extreme makeover. But as he is so sleepy, the only thing that would awaken him would be his weakness : A tickle!