Come “Poojor Chuti” – Puja Holidays(an annual festival celebrated in eastern states of India. The festivities are similar to those of Christmas in many parts of the world) and we were away from Calcutta every year to some new destination. This was almost the only time of year when my father – Baba as I called him, would give himself a long leave to be exclusively with us. Every morning we would wake up, get ready in a new dress and off we would go sightseeing – a passion among most Bengalis’!
This time it was Shimla, magnificent mountains, picturesque Gothic churches etc and my father clicking away pictures of us – it was fun. It was also the only time of the year when we could go shopping with him and knew that all our wishes would be granted!
I chose a lovely pair of white shoes but even before I could wear them, a huge monkey got in through the big window of the hotel room and right in front of our eyes disappeared with the box of shoes. I was about ten years old then, and the tears would not stop! My Ma, Dida, Dadu (my grandparents) all tried to console me but to no effect. Then a while later I saw my Baba entering with a similar pair of shoes – he had quietly gone out to the market, nobody knew when – that was my father. 
My growing up years had several such instances. So on Father’s Day – these sweet memories crop up and the girl in me lives once more.
Story Credit : Nandita Hazra 
If you were to meet Nandita in person, you will get to hear a new story every other minute as part of your conversation. She is just a natural storyteller and her style of storytelling is very engaging.So when we asked her to write down a story for us, it took her just a few minutes to write this story. She wrote this remembering her Dad on Father’s Day. 
The Chatoveracuppa team wishes all the Dads a very Happy Father’s Day.