During our growing up years, we tend to scrutinize our parents, we expect them to be the best at everything and have the answers for all our problems. When we become parents ourselves, this thought process makes a quick shift towards pragmatism. There is never a “perfect” parent. There is nothing called as “perfect” parenting. We simply learn from the small day to day things that we observe about our parents.

In today’s story, a son reflects back on his relationship with his Dad and his expectation from him. In doing so, he conveys an immensely important message to his son this Father’s Day. 

When I was asked to write a post on Father’s Day for the Chatoveracuppa blog, I got thinking what I should write. Shall I write about my dad or about my son, and then I penned down this based on first thoughts that came across my mind.
The first thought that came to my mind was the way I used to feel about my Dad during my growing up years and my thoughts amazed me. I usually focused on my Dad’s shortcomings and wished many a times if he can be like fathers of few of my friends.  But now when I am a father myself, I laugh at those thoughts of mine.
My dad was a man of few words; he never played many games with us (me & my brother) and never told us how we should lead our life. But everything he did was to make our lives better!
Vivek’s DAD
The other thing I realize now is children learn best from NOT what is told but what they see & experience. The BIGGEST lesson that I learnt from my Dad is how we should treat the people less fortunate compared to us, from rickshawallah to the cobbler. He used to treat them with great humility and that gave him a lot of joy. And very recently I discovered I had got this gift from him. I am a Dad myself now and my father’s shortcomings are not part of my memory. His lessons and examples of his life are. For that, this Father’s Day I just want to say “Papa, I love you.”
To my son, this is what I want to say. I know I am not the BEST Dad in the world and I have many shortcomings. But I only want & wish the BEST for you. I am very proud of you and I know that you would grow to be a lovely human being.  And “I love you so much”
Vivek And His Son
Story And Photo Credit : Vivek Kalra