Kranthi and his son

Foreword by Piya Mukherjee : Continuing with the stories sent by Dad and about Dads. Today’s story is written by Kranthi Bydida. Up until this story I had known him through his work behind the lens, his photographs. He is a visual storyteller. But in this story it reflects he is a storyteller at heart, regardless of the medium.

Today’s story is about life lessons and lasting impressions. In the story, a Dad reminisces the most valuable lesson learnt in his life. This Dad has in turn learnt it from his own Dad, his role model. And he intends to pass it on to his own son now.

We decided to sell our apartment and build a bigger home where we could live as a joint family with my grandparents and uncles. I didn’t like the idea of moving and it was a big deal to me but my dad convinced me it was for everyone’s good. Soon, a neighbor offered to buy our home and entered into a verbal agreement with my dad (I was told).  With a heavy heart I resigned to the fact that nothing can alter the sale and we have to move on. 

After a few days, my uncle told me that there was another buyer interested in buying our home and was offering a substantially higher price than the previous offer. But my dad declined. I casually brought this up one night after dinner while watching TV, “Daddy, why didn’t you accept the better offer? After all you have not accepted any advance (payment) or signed any paperwork yet, right? ”. I will never forget my dad’s reply. “…but I gave him my word and I cannot take it back. I wouldn’t be a man of my word if I change my mind and take up the better offer now, would I?” 

This moment will always be etched in my memory. There was neither hesitation nor regret on his face. I’ve learnt a lot from my dad over the years and he is my role model. I hope to be the same to my son and pass along so many invaluable lessons I learnt from my dad. 

This Father’s day, let’s celebrate the first man in our lives who made us what we are today. Happy Father’s Day ! 

Story and Photo Credit : Kranthi Bydida