Vivek and his daughter

Foreword by Piya Mukherjee: It had been a phenomenal week of storytelling at Chatoveracuppa so far. We set out to celebrate Dads. Sukanya opened the week with a thought provoking post – “ChoicesWe Make”. Phalgun shared a wonderful story remembering his dad – “To Be Or Not toBe” and Barbara enriched us by talking about Russ yesterday. We have been reaching out to all the Dads we personally know. Our Inbox has been full with such stories since. Stories written by Dads and about Dads. It is raining Daddy stories so to say and we are getting goosebumps as we read each one of them. Simple and raw emotions. Moms, take a note. 
For this story, it took very little persuasion from me to make Vivek, our today’s storyteller and a Dad, to write about his take on fatherhood. He is an extremely fun, happy, super energetic and a perfect buddy kind of Dad. He is that way as a person too. You can tell he is his daughter’s best friend.This is what he has to say…
It was June 12, 2008 when my father’s words – “You will know when you become a father…” dawned on me. Fatherhood has been a roller coaster ride since then :). Being father of an adventure loving and extrovert girl has kept that adrenaline rush going. It feels as if I am traveling in a warp drive when in reality I want to play freeze tag.
It was just yesterday when I held her in my arms for the first time with her eyes wide open trying to explore this new world and today she is talking to me, in fact trying hard to educate me, about everything she has explored so far. 

Every day brings something new – a new story, a new perspective, etc. but there is one thing which is very vivid and has not changed for as long as it goes back –
As it gets close to sleeping time she cuddles up in her bed and utters two words, “Pappi…. story”.
Then she gives directions for the story. that it should have a monster, a little girl, some friends, etc. etc. Anyways, I tell her a story before she sleeps but the funny part is I have been telling the exact same story, word by word, for the last 3.5 yrs and she still loves it.
What it tells me is that it was never the story which was important, its the bond and the desire which keeps it rolling…..
Story and Photo Credit: Vivek Singh