Foreword By Piya Mukherjee: Young writers have a special place at Chatoveracuppa. Today we bring you a story from another young writer. Children’s writing is usually inspired by what they read more than what they see or observe. It is surprisingly true. The characters of a book become real for them. Most children fiction is a twist on or a based of a classic story. We have seen this before in stories written by other young authors.
In today’s story, the author Siddharth Kalra, regales the proceedings of a battle between Duke Wellington (the author’s imaginary character) and Alexander the great. Alexander III Macedon, Alexander the great, the king of Greek kingdom of Macedon. He remained undefeated in most of his battles during his lifetime and is one of history’s most successful commanders. Read on….
Duke Wellington searched for adventure far and wide with his army in the sea’s. But no one dared to battle him until he made fun of Alexander the great. Alexander himself came forward to battle the Duke with his whole army and his famous dragon ship which could serve as a ship as well a gigantic chariot, which could carry his whole army across any land.
The Duke fled to his base for he lost the battle in the seas. He had left his commander and his three most trustworthy knights in the castle. They welcomed him.
Soon Alexander came in hot pursuit. A great battle was fought in the day but Alexander retreated for the night. 

The next day the gate for Duke’s castle was broken open. They(soldiers) marched in, Alexandra leading them. Many soldiers of the Duke were killed while the rest fled. The Duke managed to escape and that seemed to give his soldiers a spirit. They had nearly defeated Alexander and when news reached them that their Duke had been killed. They fled in panic and their lives were not spared.

Alexander went back to America and lived happily ever after.
About The Storyteller : Siddharth Kalra is a ten year old, fifth grader. He is a voracious reader, painter, photographer, dreamer and much more. Those who dream can create. Those who read usually write. His imaginative capabilities are showcased in his stories, pictures and paintings. 
The Young Author : Siddharth Kalra