Photo credit : Swapan Haldar
There is a power supreme than all of us. This is a belief that we all have instilled in us regardless of where we are located on the map or what our religious belief are. It is that larger than life power. Supreme. Divine. Magical. Ask someone who has had a close shave with life and they all will talk about that power like our story teller does today. 

It was July of 2005. I had moved back to my home town after three and half decades. I was trying to settle in the new and changed environment. One evening I was returning from the local market. An abrupt electrical blackout occurred and it was pitch dark everywhere. I started walking by the road side like a blind person. 

Suddenly I lost my balance and in a fraction of a second I spread both my hands wide. It took some time to realize that my lower half of the body was hanging inside an uncovered pothole. I had no strength to come out of the manhole as I was bleeding and my legs were hurting. Very soon some young boys came running and lifted me out of the death trap. I took photographs after I fully recovered from my injuries.

I had no explanation of how I was saved or what power saved me that day. I dedicated my rebirth to my parents for their divine blessings. Otherwise, I would have not been here to share the story with you.

Authored By :  Dr.Swapan Haldar.  This is a true incident from his own life. Dr.Haldar a professor at Presidency University and Calcutta University and author of many books on Mining and Geology. He is also a passionate story teller and believes in sharing his life experiences.