Little boys are infamous for being naughty and mischievous. But there is more to them than what meets the eye. Here is a light Sunday read for you. The world through the eyes of little boys. Their story in their own words. Fun. Innovative. Adventurous.Simple. Not naughty or mischievous at all. 
1. Nothing
   “What is your favorite thing to do over the weekends ?” 
   (After a long pause) “Nothing. Just Nothing.” 

2. Air Pump

    “What do you like the best about your bike rides ?”
    “Using the air pump.” 


Photo Credit : Avinash Sarin

3. Upside Down 

    “What is that one thing you wish you could do all the time ? ”
     “See the world UPSIDE down. ”

4. Masks

   “What did you try to make on your masks ? What are your pretending to be ? ”
    Voice 1 : “Super Heroes.”
    Voice 2 : “That is the best we can draw a super hero.”
     “You definitely look like Super Heroes.”


  “You hiked three and half miles today. Awesome ! So you love hiking ? ”
   “Nope. I just came here for my buddy. ”