My daughter was in preschool when Sandy Hook happened. I sat there watching the news and thinking about the security at her pre-school. A four digit access code, known only to the parents and the staff could lead you in the school. Well, only technically. So many a times we let siblings and other parents come in or go along with us without even knowing really who they were. School is a place of trust. You do not suspect anyone in that environment. And then what had happened in Sandy Hook that day had less to do with the school security itself. There were larger questions looming out there.
A lot has been said about that already and I will perhaps save that topic for another day.
As I watched the news over and over that day, I looked at the faces of the children being released from the school and running and hugging their parents. Their trauma was something behind my comprehension. What would have gone through their minds ? What would stay with them, lifelong ? Will they be ever able to erase that day from their memory ? I have often wondered about this with every such tragedy since. I have wondered about the same question every time I hear about a school lock-down, regardless of the reason.
I happen to know a little girl from a middle school whose school had two lock-downs recently. So I chatted with her this week to see what had gone through her mind during those lock-downs. What would remain with her as a memory of that day ? Here is a very innocent and real answer. Children are simple. They think very simple. And that is why they should NEVER be subject to such situations, again regardless of the reason. 
Here is what the little girl had to say –
I was in period six, math, when the principal came over the loudspeakers. “All students, please enter a classroom immediately if you are currently outside. We are under a lock-down.” Everyone in the class just kept on doing their work and talking. I did the same, but in mind I was thinking about my parents and my little brother. Were they OKAY? I hoped my brother was okay, he was at his elementary school. I hoped my parents were not worried about me. I was completely fine. I hoped my family was. What if they weren’t? What would I do? When the principal finally announced that the police had said that the lock-down was over, I was extremely happy. When the bell rang for the end of school, I met my mom where she always picks me up and we all lived happily ever after. The end.
Story And Photo Credit : Chatoveracuppa Team