TGIF ! It’s Friday. The most sought after day of the week. Earlier today as I sat looking through my repository of old pictures, I found a special picture. A picture that reminded me of a very humbling moment. That moment had stayed with me in the form of this picture. 

Driving through a busy intersection on a street one Friday, I had been strategizing on how to catch up on some extra sleep over the weekend when I had suddenly noticed this.The traffic had come to a dead halt. As I looked at this young man, I had a stream of thoughts in my head that day.

What sort of will power does it take to do this sort of job ? Does he ever look down at the passing cars ? Is he not frightened for his life ?

I noticed the young man diligently do what he is supposed to unaffected by the surroundings around him. He was doing a job. He was earning his living. I wondered who he was doing it for ? Himself?  Family ? Kids? Loved Ones ?

And then that inevitable thought, what would happen of those relationships if something were to happen to him ? The people in his life. The people who mattered most to him. The people whom he was doing this for.

My thoughts came to an abrupt end with a honk from the car behind. I took a moment and captured this. The moment that had humbled me. The moment that had reminded me to live every single day of the week just like we do on the Friday’s. 
I leave my thoughts and the moment for you. Mull over it with your evening cuppas! Life is beautiful. Treasure all its moments. 

Narrated By And Picture Credit : Soumi Haldar

Authored By : Piya Mukherjee