Story telling is a natural art. Some say stories have to be profound and well crafted. While we agree with that, we also feel the eloquence of the story teller comes from within, when it is a story that is real and said straight from the heart. They say why stories ? We say why not ? Don’t we still say stories to little children at bed time, to friends over coffee, to our families at dinner table, to strangers riding along on the subway and to our journals that keep our secrets.

Stories need to be told, shared and heard.There is a story teller in each one of us.

Chatoveracuppa is that place where story tellers huddle and chat and share stories. In our journey of finding stories from around the globe, we have met some amazing story tellers. They share why they love to tell stories and what makes them want to write.

Piya Mukherjee Kalra 

Our resident author/editor

An avid blogger, people watcher, storyteller and a mom to two young children. Her stories and posts are about things that she observes in the course of her day to day life, anecdotes and life lessons learnt by watching people around her. Real stories about real people which often includes her two children. Parenthood, she believes, has been a great teacher and she is still learning. 

Words are the only way I have ever known to express myself. The love for writing stems from the love of observing life and the people in it. Writing has always been a passion. Motherhood has helped redefine my love for writing.”  Find her stories here.

Soumi Haldar  

Our resident photographer/editor

Soumi is a voracious reader, an avid traveller and captures the world from behind her lenses. Photo credits for the most stories on the blog are for her pictures. 

When not taking pictures, she is on the desk editing and compiling all the wonderful stories we receive from our storytellers, readers and bloggers. She is also a soccer mom, an active volunteer at the school and the soccer field. Find here pictures here. 

Prithvi Banerjee

Prithvi Raj Banerjee is a Boston based, IIT & MIT educated entrepreneur who is in the process of making a transition from a pompous technologist to a happy writer. An avid traveler, he shuttles around the globe with his college sweetheart and two kids. Has recently shifted to Bangalore and is still trying to perfect the “Don’t mess with me” look to deal with dithering drivers and absconding cooks. He is also a photographer and a cartoonist. In his blog ‘Tales from Near & Far’, he writes & illustrates stories inspired by incidences from his old and new homes, as a tribute to people who continue to make homes under new skies. 

Find his stories here. 

Sonali Banerjee

I like to share my moments of joy with others to increase it many folds. I am not a writer but I love to tell stories from my own life.

We must add that Sonali has become a regular contributor at chatoveracuppa and her stories being very simple and heartfelt have been very popular with our readers. 

What inspires me to write are mostly things that tug my mommy heart. Motherhood changed me in many ways. It made me discover emotions I didn’t think I had. Deep, intense at times overwhelming emotions. And it’s these emotions that inspire my writings.

I write because it is cathartic to me. I write because it makes me happy, relieves much stress for me. I write because I like sharing my life with others. And of all the pleasures it has brought me, the one that stands out the most is that it validates and keeps me grounded.

Dr.Swapan Haldar

 I have lived seven decades of my life. When I look back enormous memories revolve around me. Some are very eventful some are less, some with a little sorrow some with plenty of joy. The events appear before me one by one when I am alone or relaxing. I feel like sharing them with my near and dear ones, everyone close by or long distances away, and specially with my students. I believe that sorrow diminishes to zero and happiness increases many folds by sharing.  This inspires me to “story- telling” whenever I get an opportunity and there are many of them in my bag yet untold.

Find his stories here. 

Ausmita Kaviraj

Nothing quite fires my penchant for storytelling like a new place. Traveling for me is about discovering something awe-inspiring in the most mundane of places and something familiar in the most exotic. When I am not working on my job as a business development manager, I day dream about traveling and when I am not doing either, I try to pen down my impressions of the places hitherto visited, the stories heard on the trip, the local food sampled and the countless new experiences.


Smita Ranjan Keron 

They ask..what makes you a storyteller ..and I find myself on the threshold that leads to a quiet stream of thoughts..which flows over the life that I’ve lead..each twist and turn a story in itself …along with that ..the almighty blessed me with the power of expression that I’m eternally grateful for and also for a compassionate heart, a beautiful family ..2 delightful sons and friends that I could live and die for …storybook in making indeed!!.I’m so happy to be a part of this amazing platform …may we grow from strength to strength.

Her Story : The Vagabonds 


Amrita Madabushi

I love to write because that helps me to preserve everyday’s precious moments into stories that can be revisited time and again.

Dr. Tanu Shree Singh

 Words! That’s why! I need them to make sense of this world. Everyone does. But I need them to tumble out of my head, jostle their way through the pen, and fill the paper in front of me- sometimes to make that perfect sentence, and sometimes to get mercilessly murdered for tumbling out a little too soon.
What if I didn’t have that pen? What if there was no keyboard to furiously type at? What if I didn’t write at all? Would it make a difference to me? I am not exactly spewing out path breaking pieces of literature that, in the next century, would be a subject of an evening of deep literary conversation over clinking glasses. So then why stare at the blank screen for hours sometimes with the words mostly refusing to fall in order?
Over the third cup of strong coffee, the few, but enormous, grey words of doubt were still pacing about in my head, while the rest crowded in one corner, and hid beneath the darkest thoughts. As I reached for a refill, a note slid in the room from under the door. Whoever pushed it in giggled, and whispered something to the other giggler. The note was mysterious enough to get the grey words to stop, and watch me pick it up.
Find her stories here. 

Suchorita R Sinha

When we were young, my favorite moments used to be sitting huddled with my brother around my dad, listening to him narrate his childhood memories. That’s where my love for stories comes from. It was a world from decades ago, and my imagination used to spin its colorful web as I visualized him shying behind his elder brothers or stealing fruits from the neighboring orchards. 

I am more of a listener than a story teller, however thanks to my active baby girl, my every little moment now has a story to tell.
Her Most Read Story : Instinctively Yours


Barbara Stanifer

Observing people and places has always been fascinating to me.  I’ve always been an asker of questions, wanting to know what makes people really tick.  And words… lovely, beautiful words, if done right they can paint a picture, make you feel something, take you on a journey…  My favorite part of writing is not pouring out that first blob onto the page (that part is hard!), but going back in and sculpting the blob, for me that’s where the real artistry is done, where the pleasure comes in.

And our young authors :  

A 11 year old Middle School Student
I enjoy writing because I find it extremely fun to do so and I can use it at any time of day or night to express whatever feelings or moods I have. It is just a really amazing way to express yourself, and I find it to be quite thrilling!
Most Read Story :World’s Best Mom   

Aarushi Jain 

She loves to write and wishes to become an author one day. She started writing books of her own since first grade and has completed writing 10 books so far. She also always illustrates her own story books.
Most Read Story :  The True Story Of Three Little Pigs 

This and many more who choose to write anonymously…