Stories happen every day and there is a storyteller in each one of us. You sometimes just need a patient ear to listen in. In what seemed like an over exhausting week, I met a story teller and heard a story that touched my heart. A story that I will share with you today.

It had been a long day. All I really wanted to do that evening was take the flight back home and cuddle up with the kids for the night. Neither Khaled Hosseini nor the cup of Joe could keep me interested till the boarding began. So I did what I love to do. I watched the people around me.

Right next to me sat  a lady intently reading something on her kindle with two young men constantly hovering over her. One brought her coffee while the other helped her find something on her Kindle, the three of them chatting every now and then. The lady and I exchanged glances and before we knew we got talking. The young men were the lady’s sons, she introduced. The men took off for a stroll and we resumed chatting.
They seem to be very caring about you.

I think I raised them well.

You sure did. I wonder how mine will turn out to be.

Love them. Love as much as you can. Keep loving them no matter what. And let them be. Or perhaps let it go. (She laughed it away)

Advice from a stranger, it may seem. But something told me the conversation was going to take an interesting turn. So I told the lady about my blog and asked if I could write about our conversation. And that’s when she opened her heart like a true storyteller. She did not allow me to picture her but a picture of her narration will stay with me forever.

Her younger son had fought in the Iraq war. He was very young when he had chosen to do so. A decision of his own. Only a soldier’s mother can tell you what it feels to know that your child may not come back home. I heard her choke even while she narrated. Her son was supposed to go to a law school that year. Instead he had opted for the army. That was her first example of the “let them be” mantra. Your love should support  your children’s choices and not prove to be a hindrance.

The “let it go” she said was more important. Let it go from your heart that your children would always be around you, do what you had thought or planned for them to do. That is such a deep rooted feeling inside every parent that it is extremely challenging to let it go. To let that feeling go. Sometimes that feeling becomes an obstacle in loving your own children.

You know why I am going to Seattle today?


To meet my elder son’s partner. To tell you the truth, I did not approve of his choice and decision at first. But then I reminded myself I had to let it go. I told myself his decisions should not change my love for him. And look today I am just going up there and we are just going to be one happy family.

I guess you are saying love your children no matter what and they will always love you back. And sometimes love means letting somethings go.

Yes you will know better as yours grow older. (She said with a beautiful smile.)

It was soon time for me to board. As I got up to board, the lady asked me if I was really going to write about our conversation. I promised her I would. That is what the intent of this blog is. Hear the voice of every story teller. Hear every story that is being told. Every story has a little something to say.

My daughter came to the airport to pick me up later that night. As we drove home, I heard her sing “Let it go. Let it go.” from the movie Frozen. I was reminded of my rendezvous with the storyteller who had given a new meaning to that phrase.
This story has been written by Piya Mukherjee, a mom, a blogger, a people-watcher and the other half of chatoveracuppa. This story is based on a real life conversation she had with another mom and amazing storyteller.