Sonali Banerjee and her kids

Balloons, cakes,candies, ice-cream and goody bags. All of these and more is what makes a birthday party. Childhood birthday parties are fun because you get to just enjoy the day. All the planning and the hard work for the party is done by the parents.

Here is a birthday story with a twist. Children planning and arranging parties for their parents and grandparents. Sonali Banerjee writes….

 When I look back to the days when my children where very small, I realize I am one of those lucky women whose husband and kids always want to do things which would make me very happy. Out of many thing I enjoyed the most was my surprise birthday parties which they used to arrange and celebrate. As the date approached, I could feel the of suspense in the air. I could guess all of them secretly planning in hush hush tones what gifts to get for me, and ordering the food and the birthday cake. When goodies were finally brought in, those were concealed in the house so that they could surprise me. Although their every bit of planning, which was with the help of their father was somehow known to me, I used to pretend as if I knew nothing. Even my mother in law and father in law were also active participants in this secret! Finally on the day of my birthday, they would set the table with the cakes and candle and arrange the gifts, one of them would take me to the Drawing room where other members of the family were already gathered. That expression of surprise and joy which I would give could have easily won me an Oscar!

 Later on such surprise birthday  parties became a part of our life which we would organize for my husband and for my mother in law and father in law also .Such small celebrations became a great  source of joy for our entire family.

 Now my children have grown up and live in other cities, busy in their work.  Even then every year my husband and the kids plan for my birthday and they send me gifts and arrange for some party in absentia. Receiving a humble bouquet by courier with a birthday message written by my kids give me more happiness that getting a diamond necklace.