Foreword By Piya Mukherjee: Friendship is a simple term with a rather complex interpretation. Childhood memories are incomplete without a mention of the friends and buddies we make in those years. These are the friendships that are the dearest and the most easy ones to keep up with in later life. Have you ever wondered why ? Because these friendships are made without any materialistic, conditional and worldly things in mind. And they tend to remain that way throughout our lives. Childhood friendships are simple because children themselves are simple.
Today’s story is a friendship story. It is about two childhood friends who have stayed friends over the years. I also happen to be part of the story. 
Little girls are always very passionate about finding BFFs. I understand this now much better, since I have a little girl who would come back from school and talk about her BFF which by the way is “Best Friend Forever”.

I don’t know how it is for you all, but as a child, I had friends but it was never easy for me to find friends who could be my BFF. It was challenging, despite the fact that I was in an all-girls school for my middle and high. But with a majority of the girls staying at the hostel and me not, it was kind of complicated. Let me say, I was never the desperate kinds that needed to share my life with my “n” number of friends and the fact that for me was that no one quite “fit the bill”.

Then in the 9thgrade, July 1991, came a new girl to our school. And as you may guess, she almost quite did fit my bill. She was sensible, we could talk about a lot of things. We shared common hobbies, poetry, writing, singing and more, we shared even a common language “Bengali”, though I admit I wasn’t very good at it. When her parents came to meet her, they all visited us and found a lot of common grounds to talk. A short period of two years, that’s all that we were together, but I remember it being all good, which is all that really matters now.

Our lives took completely different turns thereafter and we kept in touch with each other, sometimes more and sometimes less. In between few years passed, 2 then 4 and then nearly a decade and we were almost out of touch. When I looked back at my school life those days, I sometimes wondered what happened to us BFF’s? Then we found each other again, on Facebook. She always is the one who would write than pick up the phone. So she wrote “This is me here. Hope you still remember me.” Huh! We found each other on Facebook, just 2800 miles apart, on the east and west coast of US. But that did not quite matter, what mattered is we kind of got back together I think like the old times. 

We picked it up exactly where we had left. We had a lot of catch up on but there were no questions asked. Neither one of us was intrusive. We did not want to know it all. What had happened in the years between? That was just quickly filled up in a 5 minute conversation. It was as if we had been part of each others life all through those years. We realized we had graduated into new roles in our life. But in our heart we were still the same girls, just like we had been in school. Nothing had really changed about that.

Today, it is is not just Facebook and the occasional phone chats that keeps us close. The credit for keeping us in touch now, goes to her. So you know, we both loved writing journals in the school and would invite each other to read our personal journals.
And a few weeks ago, she invited me to join her in sharing stories on her blog – chatoveracuppa. Our common passion for writing ties both of us together now .In retrospect, I am glad I had found a BFF in school because she is still one of my best friends forever. And I am glad it is so simple between us. Life is complex enough why complicate friendships.
This one is for our friendship through the last 23 years!

This post has been contributed by Amrita Madabushi. A mother of two, a professor and a passionate story teller. She writes this post about her childhood friend and the other half of chatoveracuppa Piya Mukherjee.