Continuing with our childhood memory series, Soumi Haldar shares her childhood favorite today. If she had her way, she would have done away just with the picture. We are glad we could get her to write a few lines too.
Parle-G is extremely dear to me. It has been that way since my childhood. I still cannot do without my daily dose of Parle-G. I eat Parle-G for breakfast with my cup of tea and then sometimes as a snack and sometime just to pep me up. That is my daily routine and my source of everlasting energy for all the running around that I do the entire day. If you grew up in India like me, you know all about Parle-G. It is one of the oldest brands of biscuits(cookies) in India, still the most sold and very popular. There is nothing extraordinary about these biscuits yet I have met very few who have not liked its taste.
The design on the packing has not changed probably since the inception of this brand. The kid that you see in the picture has also always been there.
In the era, that I grew up there were not too many choices of junk food for children as there are today. Whatever little was available was not allowed at my home. Parle-G though a bit high on glucose was considered healthy (comparatively) and was allowed. And thus grew my love for it. Simple pleasures of life.
This is the part of my childhood memory which has remain unchanged and unadulterated in taste, shape or form. My two young children now are fond of it too. Might sound clichéd but it makes me feel good to share a part of childhood with my own children, a part of my childhood that still remains the same.