We begin our favorite childhood memory series today. Ausmita Kaviraj contributes to the first post talking about her favorite childhood memory of spending her summer vacations at her grandparent’s house. Read on…
Most of my “growing-up” years, we moved around so much that by the time I finished schooling, I had studied in five different schools. But between donning a new uniform every few years and getting accustomed to new friends and a new place, a never-changing constant were the two weeks of summer vacation spent in the house with red cement floor and long open verandahs situated in the bustling river side town some 50kms away from Kolkata(India) where my grandparents lived; and where my grandmother still lives. 
Come summer and all my aunts and uncles with kids in tow, would descend there for the ritualistic family get-together and for a few days the house would overflow with people and the ensuing hustle bustle. 
For me, days in the house with the red floor were about playing silly games with cousins and digging up old albums, books and trunks tucked away in dusty long locked rooms, punctuated by sumptuous meals. In the afternoon, when the uncles would retire to the upper floors for an afternoon siesta, my gaggle of aunts would recede to the cool environs of the corner room on the ground floor to gossip, tease and catch-up on a year of happenings. With the sun spewing fire outside, some would take up space on the beds, while others would stretch out on the floor mats. Their hushed voices and muffled laughter would reverberate late into the afternoon. We kids would also pack into that room in an attempt to soak in the cool and almost festive atmosphere, sneaking out occasionally to steal sweets from the refrigerator. Evenings would bring gushes of cool breeze from the river barely 100 meters away as we would skip to the river front with the huge banyan tree to watch boats go by and feast on a plethora of spicy knick-knacks such as jhal moori, chop etc.
Now most of us cousins have finished school and no longer are we privy to those glorious summer vacations. Some work, some are completing their higher studies and others are managing their own households in disparate places but whenever we visit Kolkata (India), we make it a point to go back to the house with the red floor to visit our grandma. Yet, every time I go there, I miss those carefree days of summer when the house came alive with endless chatter and boisterous laughter.

Ausmita Kaviraj is a vivacious and cheerful young professional who truly believes in spreading happiness wherever she goes. As she mentions in the post, she still enjoys all the little moments that make up life.