Photo Credit : Ranodeep Sinha

Our most read post so far in the last 60 days is “A Mother’s Day” that we published on Mother’s Day. Unanimously loved by all. Perhaps because we all know and believe a mother knows it all. A mother’s instinct is seldom wrong, hardly overrated and rarely a fragment of fiction. Most often it is a premonition that does come true. Suchorita Sinha shares a few incident about such maternal instincts from her own life. 
I woke up in the morning to find my baby crabbier than yesterday. This isn’t how she generally is, she is a happy child. She had been running a temperature last evening. Little fingers drew my attention to the 2 boils on the leg. The first thing on my mind – ‘Oh God, please let it just be heat rash and not chicken pox!’ 
The next thing we know, the pediatrician confirms my worst fear, despite the crossed fingers!
Why? Oh why did that have to be my first thought??!! What are the odds of a 9 month old contracting chicken pox?! 
I have seen this happen too many times! My premonitions about her often come true, be it with an unforeseen allergy, an unusual remedy, a sudden move or things like if she would have dimples (before her birth)! My instincts almost never lie. Many a times I am able to prevent accidents, fix issues or just note a funny moment, thanks to that!
I remember an incident from almost a decade ago. Daily home calls were not the norm around then, more like once a week. It had been just a day or two since I had last called home. I had not been feeling well, just a fever but I was waiting to know if it was worse before troubling my parents. However, lying alone on the bed of my paying guest accommodation at Chennai (India) I suddenly thought of my mother. Just then my phone rang. I was so happy to see the ‘Home’ number on it and as soon as I picked it up my mom says ‘ Are you feeling ok? I just felt you are not, so thought of checking.” And she was almost 1800 KMs(Kilometers) away!
What else but a mother’s instinct – hardly ever overrated!
This post has been authored by Suchorita Sinha, one of our regular storytellers. Picture credit goes to her husband, Ranodeep Sinha.