As children begin to grow up into adults, they begin to think and do things independently. Often this gets misconstrued as their unwillingness to listen or adhere to parents. This mother’s day Sonali Banerjee, one of our very active contributors remembers her years as a mother when her two children were still growing up. Today they are matured adults and their mannerisms and lifestyle is totally influenced by their beautiful upbringing. 
When the Chatoveracuppa team asked me to write about something on mother’s day, various thoughts hovered in my mind but I could not decide what to write. I think being mother is a full time job and for a mother, everyday is Mother’s day. So what was there to write about mundane things? Then I gave a thought about my kids. Yes there are many special things to write about them and there existence makes me Mother.
I am a proud mother of one son and one daughter. Both of them were born on the same date exactly at the gap of five years and it was an act of God (not doctors). So cerebrating their birthday on the same date was a great source of joy as well as a challenge for me. Imagine when my daughter was five years old; Son was ten years of age. So it was a sort of ‘Kids Generation Gap’ between them. While one was girl the other was boy. So their Friends were not common. Arranging a successful common birthday party and to keep both of my kids satisfied  was a great act of balancing so that both of them should feel equally important on that day. 
Sibling rivalry involving comparison of gifts and number of invited friends was a problem I faced. Sometimes I succeeded in my attempt for truce and many times I failed because I had no control over the quality/ quantity of gifts they received from their friends. Few years later my son declared that he does not want to be a part of joint Birthday party anymore! Our all persuasions failed to convince him. After many years when my son got his first job in Pune, he arranged a party for himself and his sister, inviting all of us at a hill resort of Mahableshwar on the occasion of their joint Birthday and revived the tradition. It all came back a full circle and as a mother I could not be happier. 
I have many proud moments as a mother. One of them was when my daughter scored highest marks in her School in class XII Board Exams. Through an invitation letter, her school administration invited us to be a chief guest for that years Independence Day celebration at school. I was asked to hoist the National Flag. I attended the event with my husband.  Before flag hoisting ceremony, my introduction as a mother of the school’s highest scorer was given in front of hundreds of school children and staff. I was very nervous and very proud as I hoisted the flag. It was a really proud moment for me as a mother which I will cherish always.
My daughter was always expressive, speaks her heart out especially to me as to what she is feeling. I will be honest and tell you that my son’s attitude was like puzzle for me as he did not share most of things and was getting more and more Independent. I know all moms feel and experience the same thing. But I realized that my son also misses me. 
When he got his first job and had to work in a different city, I received a text message after few days. A text message, that expressed his love for me and touched my heart. It read “Ma, in future I want to be with you all… in the same city….may be in any city….”. I realised that the love of my son and of my daughter for me  is all the same. They expressed it differently. 
On this Mother’s day, I am sharing a handmade card prepared by my Daughter many years ago on the Occasion of Mothers Day. I am a proud mother of two wonderful adult children and I say this to all the moms out there, all the sweat and hard work is worth it. You realize it when your children turn out to be wonderful beings. Everything that you teach or tell them, stays with them eternally.