“What do you do?”
“I am a mom.”
“No, I was asking about your job?”
“I am a mom.”

We have heard this conversation many a times before. So we asked the other half of Chatoveracuppa,Soumi Haldar, to do a picture essay about a day in a mom’s life. A day of her life. Pictures that demonstrate what she does when she is not chasing folks for a story, doing a photo shoot, making a movie for the school or walking around with her camera in search of a picture for a story.

One day of her life. And this is what got made.

The alarm snoozes twice at 5:30am, a mother leisurely drinks her cup of tea while making breakfast, packing lunches and snacks. She then helps the kids get ready for the day, to embrace each new day and the challenges it brings. This includes hurrying them every few seconds, tying their shoe laces, finding their socks and jackets, helping find the library book snuggled in the comforter or running after them to give the lunch box which was nearly forgotten at home.

The mornings are crazy. The afternoons have an organized chaos around them. There is a method to it. It is after school time where she chauffeurs between the piano and the tennis class, cheers at the soccer practice and many a day’s sits in the car listening to the radio when there is a moment while waiting for the kids.

And in the course of the day, this is all that gets done. Not pretty pictures, we know. But show this to a mom and she would nod her head affirmatively. This and lot more goes on during a mom’s day. 

And at the end of the day, this is a job. A job that does not have perk but yet is very lucrative. Because…..

Because the rewards are endless. The love is limitless. And that is why everywhere year this hullaballoo about Mother’s Day seems just right. It absolutely makes sense to celebrate mothers with all the shebang. 

And think twice before you ask a mom what she does ? What is her job ? Will you.