Continuing with our Mother’s Day celebration, we are celebrating expectant moms today. The journey of becoming a mother is unmatched and unparalleled in this world. So we asked two would be moms about their feelings on this Mother’s Day and they poured their heart out (anonymously). And a third mom,Jennifer Jacobs, graciously posed for the Chatoveracuppa camera. We can tell you for sure, the excitement in all of them is palpable. 

The photo-shoot was real fun. Jennifer was excited and glowing. As a mother myself, being able to shoot a to-be mom was a wonderful experience for me. Thank you Jennifer for posing for my camera. – Soumi. 

Mommy To Be #1
Mom is like mother Earth who nurtures its progeny without expecting anything in return. The journey to attain motherhood is full of optimism and enthusiasm; you experience a miracle of life growing inside you. For me this journey has been filled with varied emotions like happiness, pride, and to a little extent, confusion and anxiety.
The most precious moment was when I caught a glimpse of my little one on the ultrasound screen. Once I saw her I was wondering how I will fulfill my duties as a mom.   As a mother, my Mom has set high standard and being her obedient child, I definitely don’t want to fall short. Looking at my mother, I always aspired to be a responsible and caring Mom like her. Apart from handling the hormonal haste I have to prepare myself for the challenges motherhood has to offer. 
As the days rolled on, I have started to understand my mom more and more. Someone has quoted precisely “Mothers and daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers”. My mom is a strong woman who has given me life and always loved me unconditionally and unselfishly. The best thing I can give my kids is having my mom as their grandma. I thank my mom, for everything that she gave me. I can’t wait to hold my little one in my arms and waiting for the day with full of hopes and dreams. 

Mommy To Be #2

From the moment you came, my life changed forever. When I first heard your heart beat, my own heart skipped a couple beats…. It was the most amazing sound in the world … I realized there was another life in me and I was not the regular human anymore as I have always known myself to be… 
I was a new person…. Or maybe it was just you.
Hitherto unknown feelings overwhelmed me… the colors of autumn were embracing me with a beautiful promise of life, seasons were changing courses just to make me smile. Oh, and did I tell you, we had a white Christmas here, probably giving in to my longing for some white miracle.
There came the day when we saw you for the first time, and after that every day was a countdown till I got to see you again … I missed you all the days in between, imagined how you must be feeling, dreamt about you … 
And then really soon you replied back to me… I felt you move … I am sure you are pretty strong , or maybe I was just too much in tune with you  … I could say it was you and after that I eagerly kept looking forward to the next time 🙂 . Each of your moves, every touch of yours, brings a smile on my lips. I have probably looked like a moron smiling all by myself all these days, but like always, I didn’t care about the outside world anymore ;)!
You have been my most delicious secret, unknown to the whole world, just mine to feel :)… Slowly you got stronger and we could feel you kick and move and hiccup…. I talked and sang to you and you started responding back to me … Those have probably been my most precious moments (although every moment seemed more amazing than the other!!).
Sleepyhead that you are, at times you would just doze off for a long time and I would need to wake you up. We would talk and sing again with each other and at night you would be so full of energy that Daddy would have to pat you back to sleep. 
One night, in my dreams, you revealed the blue – pink mystery.
You have surprised me with pleasures and have been a witness to all my silent moments. You have seen me smile, laugh and cry with some unknown, unconfined and uncontrolled happiness. You have been the best baby ever!
Now that the time has come for me to let you go, I am looking around to buy some more time for us…. I still don’t feel I am ready to share you with the world, want you to be just mine for a little while more…. Keep you warm and safe in me….
But I know you are ready and its time you came out of my imaginations… and into my arms :).