Handwritten notes are on the verge of extinction. To me, they exude warmth that an email, text or a tweet will never even come close to. Old school, old fashioned, yes it is all that, perhaps in today’s context. But I am still crazy about handwritten notes and cursive’s and ink pens.
Like many in my generation I grew up writing letters, journals, birthday cards, New Year cards, thank you notes and all sorts of notes. Many fond memories. Staying away from home I would exchange weekly letters with my parents. Phone call was a luxury then and did not permit a lengthy conversation on a student’s budget. The journal was more like the blog where I wrote about life in general and the people in it. It is another thing that back then I thought writing a journal would eventually lead me to becoming a columnist one day. Of course my profession is a far cry from that today.
To a large extent I think my profession intruded in my love for pens and notes. I still do write my meeting notes and to-dos with a pen, not an ink pen though. I do not write anything else with a pen now. I wish I could use a pen to write this blog. Sometimes it feels that penning it down literally would have made my posts much more heartfelt. It is difficult to even find a simple pen in my home on some odd days. My collection of expensive ink pens is sitting somewhere in a box in my mother’s home.
But I am in a very happy place these days. There are handwritten notes strewn all throughout my house these days. On desks, counter-tops, bed side tables, drawers, strewn on the floor and some that eventually find their way into the trash. The notes are diverse in nature. 

“Please can we do muvi night today.”
“Mumma, need paper roll in my bathroom.” (I am given this note every time it is about to finish J)
“Don’t always forget to give me my milk.”
“I need staples. And my glue is also over.”  (As you can see the demands are always for simple needs in life)
“Did we have dinner today?” (This is an after dinner note.)
And then there are some that bring a smile even on the most tiring and busy days. This particular one was slid through my office door. 
Now I know how to get my point through as well. The daily conversations and talks yield to no results. So I have started writing notes to her. And then the banter back and forth. It is just endless but enjoyable.
This is an encouraging way to get your children to write, to save the dying art form and encourage an interest in writing. Leave them notes in their lunch boxes and on their bed side tables. Leave questions for them so that they have the need to write and reply back to you.  
This post is authored by Piya Mukherjee and has previously been posted on her personal blog. Hand written notes and letters have become a dying art form. Encouraging young children to write more by hand can save it from extinction. What are you doing at your home to preserve this ?